20 Sep 2011

Ebay fanatic

Its me again!

I have recently taken to Ebay to find some fashion bargains seeing as my usual shop, goold old Topshop, has closed down for a lovely revamp!

I already have a black bodycon skirt but mine has had lots of wear and now flicks out at the back, URGH! So I trawled the web for hours with hope of finding something that really stood out. Ebay have lots of whole-sale stores, usually based in the Middle East, where they sell items from savvy boutiques at low prices.

I found a Camel coloured bodycon skirt for £4.89 + £1.89 pp, I think this is a complete bargain and snapped it up straight away. The shop is called The Amber Orchid, it has various pieces of clothing so be sure to take a peek!

My skirt came the next day despite not paying for next day delivery which really made me happy and came in wonderful condition. The skirt also had a tag for Envy Boutique, which until now I had never heard of but the name sounds very deluxe! 

Overall if there is anything else I need for a quick fashion fix I will be heading over to their store and have a nosey around!

Have your bodycon skirts flicked out at the back?
Know any good boutiques/stores on Ebay?


  1. The skirt is soo nice! i think i might just head over to ebay now. iv'e never really used it but this is enough to make me start!!

  2. Ebay's a great place for bargains girls, the Buy Now option is always best for cheap, fast prices :)


  3. Ohhh good finds! I recently bought a black and wine coloured skirt off ebay like this! So much cheaper.


  4. Oh wow Victoria that sounds lovely, please mail me the link if you can sometime, love a good old bargain!!

    Em X


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