21 Sep 2011

Wednesday Wishlist #1

I have now added another "#1" edition (only once a month) whereupon I will chose various pieces of clothing from different stores and combine them together to make what I think is a great outfit for this season. For each item I will show the price however at the same time/ or later date I will scour Ebay and various other discount shops in order to find similar items at a lower price and update you with what I have discovered. I hope you like this concept and enjoy my finds!

With a MASSIVE saving of £134.91 

if you would like any links for any of the clothes please email me your request at hushedsecretsblog(at)live.co.uk

Do you know where to find these items at a cheaper price? 
What do you like about this weeks picks?


  1. lovely choice, i cant wait to start winter shopping aha!
    I love those ear muffs!
    faye xo

  2. I love the wishlists but I despise Gilets especially the Jack Wills one, it's so common around my area!
    Beth xx

  3. He Love, i dooooooo want to hav thoose shoes <3 rly rly rly :) <3
    By the way i like your blog :*

  4. I think I will be buying some earmuffs soon as they are super cute! Ah we haven't got many people wearing them around my area as of yet but I would say its only a matter of time.

    Em X

    P.S just bought the boots from the second wishlist, they are LUSH (post to come)


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