Having started "hushedsecrets" back in September 2011, I have boosted my self-confidence and expanded my product knowledge, allowing me to review and express my views with no worry. I then started an association called "Blogger2Blogger" where new, budding bloggers come together to share their experiences of blogging and how they began. I sincerely hope this helps anyone out there who is afraid or unsure about starting a blog. 

This is a brand new feature, Blogger2Blogger, where I will ask 'newbie'  Bloggers questions about their Blog, why they started it, where they got inspiration from and a few other questions about their life, make-up loves etc. 

I have decided to do this in order to help readers get to know and acknowledge other newbie Bloggers that haven't been around a long time. I believe we all need to start somewhere, and by introducing yourself right from the start this will help you become a successful and established Blogger within time. It can feel very daunting sometimes looking at fully established Bloggers with 1000+ followers with years of experience and wondering how on earth you can be able to do it too!

This page will contain all of the previous Blogger2Blogger posts from each Blogger whom has participated, which then allows readers to view and access these posts at their own will. You are completely welcome to use the badge & page on your Blog too, for your audience to read, as long as you link back to me.

I'm hoping that within a couple of months I will have accumulated a group of 'newbie' Bloggers whom will help encourage other newbies or people aspiring to Blog, to take the plunge and become apart of the Blogging world, as they will be able see from your own words how it all happens and works!