About Emma

Hello ! I'm Emma, 18 years old and I'm currently at Sixth Form. I was born in Hexham Hospital on the 18th of November and now live in the small city of Carlisle along with a few members of my family. I am naturally blonde, very pale skinned, a size UK10 in clothing, size UK4 in shoes and I'm around 5"3 in height.
I study English language & literature, Photography, Textiles and Travel & Tourism, with an ambition of working within the journalism and media industry. I aim to gain life and work experience throughout 2012 and then continue my education at Edinburgh Napier University in September 2013, in which I will be taking the Journalism course. 
Beauty and fashion have both always been an interest of mine, and therefore with the courage of friends and family I started this Blog in order to express my views and gain knowledge of various products and clothing.