9 Feb 2012

Project Perfect

Hello girls!

On Tuesday night I was one of many who tuned into Channel 4 to watch Gok Wan help three teenagers become confident and learn to love their own bodies. This hit me hard as I admit to being one of those girls who browses thinspiration blogs, looking enviously at all those tanned, slim, tall girls. It does make me want to have bodies like theirs however it doesn't drive me to hatred of my own body or watch my calorie count luckily. I really feel passionate about these blogs being banned because no-one should ever have to be made to feel the way many people do about themselves. The lovely Amy from Flaws and All has come up with an ingenious idea called 'Project Perfect', which aims to help boost the moral of girls and boys all over the blogesphere. 

1. Post a photo that you like of yourself and say in a couple of sentences why you like it.
2. State some things that you DON'T like yourself but say why others may love to be like that.
3. State 3 things that you DO like about yourself.

Reason why I like this photo:
  • I really like this photo - it's casual and I was really happy because I just had my make-up done!
Three things I don't like about myself, but turned into positives:
  • I have quite a large dimple in my chin but people say it gives my face a lovely shape and is a strong, defined feature of my face. 
  • One of my teeth is set higher than the rest giving me an unusual smile yet I always get compliments saying that it's unique and adds to the charm of my personality. 
  • My skin is extremely pale, even Casper the ghost is jealous of my skin colour. However I know that some people prefer the natural, pale skin some even see it as a classy vintage look. 
Three things I like about myself:
  • Over the past two years I've gained weight but it's made me learn to love my curves and embrace them; even my sister wants my "ghetto booty".
  • My chubby cheeks fill my little face out and give me the cute "chipmunk" look as my friends call it.
  • I really like my piercing blue eyes because they look all sparkly and bright. 

If you would like to participate in this project then please carry on this post, tell friends, encourage others and then link back to the Project Perfect page and let Amy know so she can publish your post for all to see and appreciate. 

Lots of love to you all!
Em xxxx

4 Feb 2012

Love is in the air....

Hello ladies!

It's that time of the year again where all the shops get drunk on Love and smother the high-street shoppers with soppy cards, cuddly toys and cheesy gifts. Valentines Day is where all couples declare their love for each other and singletons snuggle up on a couch with a few rom-coms, a packet of Kleenex and a large box of choccys.

But it's 2012, technology is at it's best so why not use it to our advantage?! Grab yourself or a loved one a bargain by shopping online for your presents this year, saving you the stress and gaining you valuable pampering/lazy time!

An amazing website to help you this Valentines is Prezzybox, whom offer a wide and varied range of gifts for all of your nearest and dearest. The simple step by step process, starting by clicking onto the 'Valentine's Day Gifts' leads you through 'Gifts for Her', 'Gifts for Him' and even a 'Valentines Guide' - perfect for last minute ideas.

Here is the 'Happy Hand Care Kit' retailing at the small price of £8.95.

This present is ideal for a loving hand massages or a quick pick me up if feeling blue. It soothes, moisturizes and relieves all the tension. With long lasting smells and softness this Hand Care Kit is an essential for everyday life. The simple yet effective packaging makes is easy to transport around in your bag and ensures that the customer understands how the products work yet doesn't overload with information.
My suggestion, for the couples is a chilled glass of bubbly, scented candles and a night of relaxation - for the singles, a large mug of hot chocolate, tub of ice-cream and a nice hot water bottle. So spread the word, soft and silky hands for all at a low price!
The kit contains:
  • Aromatherapy Hand & Nail Cream 100ml - wonderful, light, fluffy hand cream, which is easily absorbed without greasiness and is packed with top quality essential oils. It includes Geranium to soothe the skin and give a fantastic fragrance and evening primrose to condition and restore moisture. 
  • Moisturising Gloves - pure cotton & Lycra gloves help the skin absorb rich hand cream. Slip them on after applying the aromatherapy hand & nail cream, for extra deep moisturizing. Warming the hands encourages the rich emollients and aromatic essential oils to penetrate the lower layers of thirsty skin. 
  • Rubber hand massager - helping stimulate blood circulation and release toxins throughout the body. Teamed with the handy-reference reflexology guide to show and explain to you the parts of your palms which link to your body and mind. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Stay tuned over the next couple of days for another Top Review on a very special Valentines gift.
If you would like anymore information about Prezzybox or what else they have to offer please see my other post or head on over to check the website out. 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Love and hugs to you all,
Em xxx

*This product was sent to me to review, I am very grateful, however it does not affect my opinion on the product, I am 100% honest in what I write.

If I was a rich girl...

Here are the deluxe items yearning to be purchased and worshiped, but I don't think my weekend job will stretch as far as I need it to for all these beauties, shame. My Ebay wishlist is expanding by the day too, I think I may be slightly addicted. I'm thinking of starting a 'whats my week been like' post, filled with pics of things throughout the week? Also ordered some China Glaze varnish for just over £5 from Ebay, thanks to the lovely Amy!

Love you lots,
Em xxx

P.S. it's snowing in Cumbria today, eek, I really hope it lays!

1 Feb 2012

Hello, February

Can you believe it's February already? 
This year is moving fast already and I want to achieve so much. 
I'm torn between Uni and travelling the US and getting work experience.
Zante in August is going to be amazing with my girls. 
4th Anniversary with Dom. 
Passing my driving test. 
Enjoying life.