9 Oct 2011

Sorry !

Good evening ladies!

This is a super short post to apologise for not posting recently... My mum has gone to look after my grandad for the weekend and taken my SD card by accident, then I left my phone at a friends on Friday (still haven't got it back), Saturday was mine and D's 3rd anniversary (post to come!) and I am now once again, the proud bearer of another case of tonsillitis (get it every 2/3 months) and then of course topped up by two busy day shifts at work. I hope you all understand and fear not I shall return soon, tomorrow for sure with my usual Monday Mayhem.

Love and hugs to you all,

Em. X

P.S. Thank you to all the lovely comments lately, it seriously means alot and makes me smile with each one!!

P.P.S. I really want a rock chic type of top (i.e. mesh back/ zip back, sleeveless, loose under the arms, studs, floaty, black/grey...) any websites/ links would be HUGELY appreciated. like this

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