6 Oct 2011

MUA Bronzer - Review

Hey girls!

It such a cold day here in Cumbria, even though the sun is shining! So I'm wrapped up in my duvet with a hot water-bottle and ready to let you all know how fab MUA is !

Most of you will already know MUA, but for those who don't...well you're in for a treat! The Make-Up Academy (MUA) launched in May 2010 with a huge range of over 100 lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushers, mascaras and nail varnishes. They caused excitement in both the media and blogging world. With a set price of £1 they quickly became a highstreet favourite brand. A recent extension is the MUA Professional range, which is priced from £1.50- £4! Complete bargain!

I have bought quite a few products from MUA recently, including lipsticks, blushers, nail varnishes and now a bronzer, and for all £1 they didn't even break the bank!

The MUA bronzer (SHADE 1) is ideal for a healthy glow to the face or even used as a highlighter to the cheekbones. The golden shimmery powder allows you to look sun kissed all year round, making it such a must have. Although it may look light in the pan, do not be fooled as it transfers quite heavy on the brush, so try to avoid being heavy handed! This product is perfect for those who are having a foundation free day but would still like a radiant face, or it can be easily layered up for a night out.

I usually sweep some over my t-zone in order to hide my acne and then over my eyelids, as it gives them a lovely pop of colour. Be sure to blend in well though girls, tide marks aren't beautiful!


November will see the launch of several new lipsticks, I actually cannot wait to get my hands on these! And I will do a review as soon as I get them! MUA are available to purchase in Superdrug, any queries please contact them through their facebook or twitter.

Have you tried any MUA products?
What's your views?


  1. MUA is so cheap and affordable! I love it!

    Your blog is adorable!!


  2. I've never got round to trying any MUA producta, but now I really want to give the bronzer a go!

  3. I'm really loving your blog and look forward to reading more :)

    Followed! x

  4. wow it seems so shimmery! def have to try it out now!

    Dan x


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