10 Oct 2011

Monday mayhem #4

Can you believe this is my fourth one already?!

T: Went to school, half a day then had physio followed by lots of sleeping. Made Dom tea and his mate came round for a bit, then headed home. Made my own tea of fried chorizo and prawns in a garlic and olive oil sauce...lush!

W: Got up eaaarly, headed to Edinburgh with mum, spent over £200 on MAC make up and bought a Jack Wills Gilet, also got a few H&M tops..post to come! Takeaway on the night, mmmm.

T: Lie In - YESS! Half day at school then had an early night with Dom.

F: Busy busy day, full day at 6th form, followed by town, anniversary present buying, and a girly night with takeaway and of course a few drinks! Taxi home and early night for moi, work in the morning! Only then was it I remembered I had left my phone!

S: Full day at work, dolled myself up and had a slap-up meal with D for our 3rd anniversary, he bought me a gorg present (photos to come..) and then we watched dvds aaall night long.

S: Another full day of work, came home early cause I felt crap, tonsillitis flared up again so I spent the rest of the evening demolishing ANOTHER takeaway and then feeling sorry for myself.

M: Stayed in bed most of the day, only went out to buy calpol, honey and paracetamol. Someone please make this pain go away! Boohoo

I really hope your weekend has been better!
Any make-up deals floating around lately? 

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