5 Oct 2011

Glowing talons

Hello beautifuls!

I feel like I haven't blogged properly in a while (reviews) so here is one right now. I intended to do a MUA blog post as I'm loving their bronzer, lipsticks and nail varnishes lately! But I'm such a blonde and forgot my notebook (with all the picys on) at Doms so I've resorted to using my very old laptop instead.

I popped into Tesco's before with mum and eyed up some glow in the dark nail varnish and only for £1! Okay, so it may not be an amazing brand but hey, it's good enough for a quick spice up for this spooky month! The thought of my nails looking fluorescent green in the dark shamefully intrigued me.

I painted my nails as usual and then applied a layer of the glowing nail varnish on top. Obviously I had to put my nails in the light and then came the magic... I turned the lights off and wow, it looked cool! Unfortunately my camera didn't pick it up but I assure you it works! The formula on my nails looked streaky but I'm not too fussed. The substance and consistency seems quite creamy however when on it goes clear and gives the undercoat a matte affect, which I liked. 

So for £1, this will make a perfect surprise for those dark nights!

What do you think?
Are glow in the dark nail varnishes a step too far?

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  1. So cool! I'm definitely picking this up for Halloween nights out :D



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