18 Oct 2011

Monday mayhem #5

Hello girls!

Sorry for the Monday mayhem being late, I've come down with a seriously bad chest infection which has caused me to push aside everything Blog related, school work and even my boyfriends 18th presents. On the plus side, it now means I will hopefully become eligible to get my tonsils removed as they are the reason I'm becoming constantly ill! Now onto more positive things.....

T: Physio, followed by plenty of sleeping, in an attempt to banish my tonsillitis. Then went and ordered a few bits and bobs for Halloween and D's 18th!

W: woke up to a super cute message from Dom, still felt awful so stayed away from school! A dress came from Asos for D's 18th, had stains and loose threads, not a happy shopper!

T: Half day at school then went home and chillaxed with mum. Spoke to Asos and they sent another dress out free of charge and on next day delivery, hurray!

F: Dress, few presents and halloween stuff arrived, I love getting parcels! Dress fit beaaaautifully! Had work for a couple of hours, went to dads ordered a chinky, nomnomnom!

S: Full day at work followed by a night in with the girls, had yet another takeaway and a few drinks. Tasha fell asleep so what do best friends do? Yep, you guessed right, we drew on her ickle face! Then went back to Doms.

S: Work again, came back to D's began shaking, being sick etc etc. Luckily enough he was a star and looked after me all day and night!

M: Slept all day, mother came and picked me up and we went to Tesco's for some medicine, during which they decided to have a flaming fire drill...who does that?!?! Watched OTH, love that program so much, and had a late night!

Has your supermarket had a fire drill whilst you were shopping?
Anyone else had problems with Asos?

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