19 Oct 2011

Acne&Spot Treatments

Hello ladies,

As some of you may already know I suffer from acne, thankfully only a mild case, and haven't had it very long. I have always been prone to spots, due to a very oily complexion and often down to cheap make up brands, although I have now changed my ways and become an avid MAC lover. A few years back I caught Impetigo which ate away at my skin on my cheeks near my nose, and so after making a hasty trip to the doctors I was asked to use a cream called Fucidin, an antibiotic cream which attacks the germs and bacteria in the affected area. Having Impetigo, which highly contagious, meant I had to stay away from school for a few days whilst it cleared up, I also had to sterilize some of my make up brushes and throw away the rest; it caused a lot of hassle and stress but the cream worked its magic and healed relatively quickly.

Years later, I still have the scarring of where the Impetigo was, as it has left my pores open and susceptible to deep spots and blackheads. Whenever I am under stress, run-down or during the colder months, it makes an appearance, or rather it tries to but I bat it away with my trusty cream. I have also used this cream for larger, underneath-the-skin spots and it helps a great deal; even Dom uses it which is saying something!

apologies for the state of products, they have been used a lot and kept in my hand bag for easy use.

Over the summer my acne got quite bad as I was obviously enjoying being off Sixth Form by lounging around the house, eating crap and not having a proper night time routine. Luckily I was prescribed another cream called PanOxyl which is a Benzoyl Peroxide cream aimed to reduce acne and eventually clear it up. The cream can come in different numbers, for example mine is 2.5, the higher the number the more concentrated the cream is, and can be purchased from your local pharmacy and even Amazon. This cream can also be used as a dupe for the DUAC cream.The first time I used it, which was around mid afternoon, my face became red, sore puffy and by the morning flaky with a burnt feeling. I was horrified! I researched the cream and came across loads of reviews claiming how wonderful it was, how it clears up within weeks...WHAT?! I then saw one girl who had a similar experience to mine and was advised to use a particular method to apply.

I followed this method and wow, I saw the difference in the morning, the redness of my spots had gone down, they seemed less angry and inflamed now! After a week or so of using it very carefully and cautiously I began to see a bigger difference, it began to dry them up and they eventually became like scabs, yes this can leave scaring but nothing a bit of Bio-Oil can't handle. Where I used to once have oily skin I now have normal, with the odd patch of oiliness around my nose.

I must warn you excessive use of this cream will lead to serious effects as I learnt the hard way, please do follow the steps as advised and hopefully this cream will work wonders. Please also note that it is best used at night as it will then have several hours to work; also wash and moisturise face in the morning.

Step 1: Apply cream to acne or large spots with a cotton bud (DO NOT APPLY TO UNAFFECTED AREAS)
Step 2: Make sure the product has been gently rubbed onto the skin well
Step 3: Wait 30secs for it to all dry
Step 4: Now apply a thick, creamy moisturiser (I use Sudocream) and rub into skin well
Step 5: Wash hands thoroughly

I hope this info helps anyone with acne or spot troubles as I know I often find it hard using products due to sensitive skin. If you need any-more info or help please do not hesitate to ask in the comment box. Also if you recommend any creams let me know!

Please remember that despite all of this working for me, it may not work for you and therefore do not purchase these products if you have any incline they may not be suitable for you or your skin type.


  1. i had impetigo a couple of years ago on my chin and was prescribed this cream and it cleared it up straight away, wish i had thought to try it on spots! xxx

  2. PanOxyl saved my skin a couple of years ago from the worst acne of my life! I now keep some close by just incase!


    LoveFaye xoxo

  3. hi, love you blog:)
    i have trouble with under the skin spots:( i always drink water and stay away from greasy foods but they dont want to leave!!! dya think the panoxyl cream would bring them out? x


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