3 Oct 2011

Monday mayhem #3

Hey girls!

It's that time again....

T: Half day at school followed by physio. Then went into town, cashed my wages and eyed up the kittens (I'm hoping to get one for my 18th next month!!). Was quite naughty and spent a lot few pennies on some clothes & make up. Also made tea (rarely do this...)

W: The sun was sosososo hot! Luckily had half day so I got to enjoy the heat, yay for me. Had an early night for once too.

T: Woke up to my Vivo package which made me a very happy blogger. Mum had a doctor app so after I made us a picnic and we went to Talkin Tarn, and basked in the heat. Whisp enjoyed the shade and a few treats I took her, all in all a very lovely day!

F: Fifa 12 came out which meant I said goodbye to Dom, as he is addicted..once again! Had a relatively early night.

S: Visited Edinburgh Napier University (2nd time), this time I saw the different campus' as they weren't open on the other open day. Had a Starbucks, Classic Hot Chocolate with a shot of peppermint, whipped cream and cinnamon dusting = LUSH!. Had a mahoosive Indian takeaway and snuggles with D.

S: Work from 10:30 - 4 as the electric had fused so we had to close early. (secretly pleased), made tea again (what is going on with me?!?!) and snuggled with D.

M: School and cashed wages in. The dress I want to order for Dom's 18th is out of stock, gutted. Hurry up and stock up!!!

How's your week been?
Any nice dress websites?

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