2 Oct 2011

Vivo Cosmetics - Baked Blush

Bonjour girlies!

You will more than likely of heard about Vivo Cosmetics in the blogesphere and around Twitter lately as they have just launched in September 2011 to our local supermarket, Tesco. They sell an array of make-up products, ranging from primer to lip gloss and all those in-between. 
Unfortunately my local Tesco doesn't sell this collection (yet!) but the lovely Kerry from Vivo was kind enough to send me a couple products to review. Within less than two days my package had arrived and I eagerly tore open the envelope to get my hands onto these beauties. I have discovered a massive love for baked blushers recently and asked if they would be willing to send me one for my review; to my amazement and joy they sent me BOTH of the blushers! 

Along with the blushers, Vivo sent me an information guide with the prices and a blurb of their products; this pleased me a lot as I now know exactly how diverse they are.Vivo's motto is "alive with colour" and after looking at their guide I 100% agree! They claim they are the MAC of supermarkets and believe me, I would agree. The baked blushers can easily be seen as dupes for the MAC Mineralize Blusher, however at an extremely affordable price.

Here is Shade 1 - Peaches & Cream. At first I was quite dubious about this colour as it seemed very orangey coloured with a hint of bronze running through it. Although once swatched, I fell in love with it instantly as the colour, when applied to skin, is so light and shimmery. When applied to my brush it didn't look like there was a lot on, but in fact there was, so be careful girlies. It is highly pigmented and you therefore don't need to apply a lot to your cheekbones. It lasted from around 9am until 5ish, it did fade as I was busy at work all day. This blush goes perfect with a tanned complexion and is a great colour during this heat wave. 


 This is Shade 2 - Rosy. I would describe this blusher as the perfect pink with slight hues of baby pink mixed in. I wore this blusher yesterday and I got lovely comments on how natural and radiant it made me look, which really pleased me. Again, it is highly pigmented and can be worn for a more fresh face look or layered up to create for a night-time party. The colour name is true to form as it gave me beautiful rosy cheeks which I believe will be the perfect shade this Christmas to warm up the wintery days.

Both blushers retail at £4 each so make sure you pop one into your basket next time you visit Tesco!!

The packaging is simple but effective and I like how Vivo have gone with a metallic grey/brown instead of the common black colour. The smell of the blushers isn't that pleasant, although it isn't noticeable once applied. I sincerely hope that the writing on the blushers doesn't rub off as it can tend to do with other make-up collections. Both of these blushers are strong contenders towards my new BeautyUk baked blusher and will more than likely be worn daily!
I cannot wait to get my hands onto more of their products!

Have you tried any Vivo cosmetics? 
What are your views?

I was sent this product to review by Vivo Cosmetics. In no way, shape or form has my review been false. I based this post on my personal opinions. 


  1. Both look gorgeous! I've never tried any Vivo cosmetics but your reviews were really helpful, can't say no for £4! ;-).

  2. I hadn't until the lovely CS team sent me these. I've been wearing mine each day since receiving them, would recommend to anyone!


  3. I got sent a baked blush in Rouge Shimmer, and it's so good!! I'm wearing it everyday since i got it, I'm definitely going to be picking up a couple more when i next hit Tesco :)
    Great review!



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