16 Sep 2011

Timeline of hair

Hola sexyones! I've decided to walk you through my time of hair colours in order for you to get up-to-date with what I currently am in case of any reference in posts to come. I dye my hair a lot and I mean a lot, I get bored so very easily and always wanting a change, I quickly turn to the hair dye and voila before you know it I have a new hair colour. After 3 years of doing this awful routine I began to feel the toll, as everyone else's hair grew long and gorgeous, mine stayed wispy and frazzled by the many bleaches and peroxides used. I am a golden blonde by nature but over the years my hair has grown to a dirty blonde (despise that colour reference!) and I guess due to it looking so dull and boring I wanted to spice things up.

So lets take a look back into the past...

Welcome to my weird family, excuse the expressions! This is my natural colour, and even now looking back at it I think it's not a particular nice one. God what was my fringe doing?! The hair looks nice and healthy though!

July 2009 I decided I wanted to have blonder hair, and as many girls will know by now, it's a risk using box dyes, but I was a box-dye virgin and took the plunge without a second thought. And this strawberry blonde is what I was left with, how lovely! As you can tell the dye has had its toll on the length and it grew dead and needed a big chop!

August 2009 saw yet another box hair dye as I travelled off to France with my best friend Bry and her family. I thought that for the holiday I would go blonder..this was such a bad bad idea. Nobody told me that if you dye your hair recently you should try stay away from chlorine, well I didn't .. oho! This and a lot of sunshine lead to a beautiful end result of bright peroxide blonde. EW

November 2009 and I turned 16, so to spruce my awful hair up I took a trip to the hairdressers, yes the HAIRDRESSERS, and had it coloured back to my natural colour. The picture shows just how healthier and longer it looks.

New Years Eve 2009/Jan 2010 witnessed the gingerness! I don't know what possessed me, I vaguely remember thinking "ooh wow, look at that colour on the box" and wondering whether I would pull it off or not. Luckily I am a pale skinned girl and did, but nor for long as it faded and once again became dull and boring. 

March 2010 and yet again I craved the golden locks everyone seemed to have, so with a bottle in my hand, yes you guessed it, I dyed it once more. With slight undertones of the remaining ginger seen, the dye didn't take too well, and I am not surprised, all this dying is horrific!

April 2010 was a complete and utter disaster! I was jetting off to Span with mother in tow and decided I wanted to go blondER, seriously should have know better than to dye it within the space of a couple of weeks. Deja vue as again I enjoyed the hotel pool and soaked up mass amounts of glorious sunshine, leaving my hair once again, peroxide. However this time fluorescent GINGER. 

May 2010 was my father's 40th party and knowing how shameful and embarrassed I would be turning up with glowing orange frizzy hair, I headed to the hairdressers with my tail between my legs and my head hanging low. Despite all the dying my hair managed to grow and this was the first time I was truly happy with the result. 

July 2010 and as you will probably have guessed by now, prom day! I yearned so badly for golden blonde I took yet another trip to the hairdressers and had it highlighted for my special day. I have extensions in so don't be fooled by the length!

December 2010 and yes again I went back dark; unimpressed by fast fading blonde I didn't think twice before quickly reaching for a familiar bottle. Out of the darks I have been I think I prefer this one as it looks healthy and natural. My locks have grown and it really pleased me. 

March 2011 is the return of the blonde! The brown faded to ginger (no surprise there) and I knew blonde was the way forward! A trip to the hairdressers set me back a few pennies but the end result was pleasing and satisfying. I welcomed blonde with open arms. 

July 2011 saw the blonde gradually lighten as I took regular trips to the hairdressers. My once short hair now but a forgotten memory, taking pride of place was my long flowing locks.

I have a new hairstyle at the present however I haven't taken any photos yet so wait and see!


  1. Wow, your hair's changed so much aha. It looks amazing now and I really liked it brown too.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.
    Faye xo

  2. your so lucky that you kept most of your hair! i am the same and over the past 3 years have experimented alot i have been red, purple, black, blonde etc but unfortunately most of mine fell out! so i am currently left with very thin and short hair which I hate!! although it is now getting better :)

    I love your blonde hair! xx


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