19 Sep 2011

Monday mayhem #1

Some of you may know Lily already as she is a quite well known Blogger due to her stunning fashion and make up posts and more recently all the things in-between. She does a weekly post of everything that has happened throughout that week with a lovely picture of herself. I liked this idea a lot as I may not get round to Blogging everyday, (still need to get into the routine of it), but it still gives you updates as to what I've done etc. I wont be posting a picture of my face because my acne is still clearing up and I am really self conscious of it, but I will post a picture of something that's happened during that week. Well here goes!

T:    Had a medical examination to see whether the insurance will pay out for a car crash me and mum had in April. Then went into Penrith and had a lovely lunch at a small and quirky cafe called FIVE5, wish I'd taken photos, it had post it notes and tags hanging everywhere with people's wishes, dreams and comments on. The food was all organic and freshly made. We both had Parsnip Soup with a wholemeal roll, then shared a Sweet Potato with savoury fillings! Was so yummy! Had a ratch round the charity shops and bought a lush bag (post to come), then headed off home again. 

W:    Half day at 6th Form, which consisted of learning Photoshop tutorials for my Photography assignment, so clueless when it comes to editing photo's! Then caught the bus to the doctors where he told me I had some mild patches of acne and gave me a wheelbarrow of tablets to take home and have; but all is good as I have already noticed a major difference!

T:    Again half a day of 6th Form, where I had Travel&Tourism. It was Student Night so I tanned, hair, make up etc then went out with my friend Bry and said goodbye to those heading off to Uni. Town was dead as I'm guessing everyone's saving themselves for Freshers!

F:    Had a full day at school, interrupted briefly by a Fire Drill which had us standing out in the rain, Le Sigh. Me and Dom went for an Indian and had an early night as we were both at work the next day.

S:    Got up extra early to hit the shops as they opened in order to get Bry's 18th present. Got her an 18th photo frame, ice shots and some Sidekick. First official day of my new work so I was quite nervous, but all went well despite my feet feeling like they were dropping off.  Went back to Dom's, got ready in an hour then went out to Bry's 18th at her house, had a top night in hers and in town and then hit the hay.

S:    A very hungover Emma trudged to work and served a whopping 300+ people then went to dad's and slept until this morning!

M:    Half day at school followed by sleeping, eating, assignments, coursework and plenty of looking at Blogs, how productive!

do you have any tips/quick tutorials for photoshop?
 leave me a comment and let me know! 


  1. You live near Penrith! That's the Lake District right? I was there on holiday (in Centerparcs) earlier this year ;)
    Thanks for the lovely comment!

  2. Yea, I live about ten mins away! Aw Centerparcs is ace! I go to the Spa there every year for a birthday treat! :)

    Em x

  3. ooo I really love this idea for a blog post! I've just started my own fashion and beauty blog but it's so nice to get a personal snipet of your life :) really good start, you've gained a follower


  4. feel free to use the post idea! your blog is lovely! thanks for the comment too

    Em Xxx


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