26 Sep 2011

Monday mayhem #2

T: Half day at Sixth Form followed by physio and then some shopping with my friend Bry. We both had a large big mac meal, yumm, and awed at the cute kitties in the pet store. 

W: Had a lush lie in and woke up to find my new Wet-Look leggings had arrived! 2hours of photography and a torrential downpour later I trudged to Dom's and done some c/w then had a cosy night in watching Fast&Furious6, quite good actually!

T: Got up early, lightened my hair with my special shampoo, got my outfit packed for Abbi''s 18th birthday meal/ Student night. Had Travel&tourism for 2hours (joys of having 4half days!) then me and Rach went to hers and got ready. Meal was horrible but the banter was ace, came third in the pub quiz, boo - no prize for us - but met Amy's boyfriend and had a lovely chat about how gorgeous she is! Had a great night out partying then headed home.

F: Slept in as I was super tired from the night before. Barely stayed awake throughout photography then walked to the shop with D and had a Relentless in an attempt to revive myself. Had tea at Dom's then went home and slept from 10.30 - 8.45!! 

S: Woke up feeling amaaaazingly energetic, whizzed round work all day and went out for a friends 21st with Dom and his parents, followed by a chinese and Doctor Who. Mint :) 

S: Work again and finished early, came home to D running me a bubble bath yay. Spagbol & homemade rice pudding with TOWIE and American Pie 2 made my night!

M: Was a badass and lazed around the house all morning and finally ventured outside to the new small Asda with Dom, had a BK, Mcdonalds still tastes so much better, and about to watch X-factor Bootcamp. 

What's your week been like? 
Burger King or Mcdonalds? 

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