26 Sep 2011

Sleep all day & party all night

So recently I've found myself being invited to a lot of night outs, with it being Year 13 at school everyone is turning 18 this year which means massive amounts of dancing. I'm a very petite person and around 5"4 (so Dom says) and so its necessary for me to wear heels or I would just be a teeny midget stood next to all my beautiful girls...but all good things come in small packages!!

The whole Peep-toe Wedge craze has been a huge hit with many girls I know lately so I thought "hey why not jump on that band-wagon and get me some of those". Topshop obviously have the most amazing wedges, of course they would!, but at such high prices.. so yes people you guessed it, I turned to Ebay.

The shoes only cost me around £11 including P&P which I think is an absolute bargain! They came beautifully wrapped in purple tissue paper, in a white cherry blossom design shoe box ( sorry I didn't take a pic of the packaging).

These wedges are by far the most comfiest pair of heels I have ever worn and they make partying until late a fun and pain-free night out. I would highly recommend investing into a pair of wedges as they are really stylish but at the same time feel like they are hugging your feet!

I have tried to look for the link to the shoes however I think the seller may have taken their Ebay account down. If you would like me to find you a pair similar to mine then please email me and I will try do my best.

Have you found any Ebay bargains?
Yay or Nay for wedges?


  1. oh my god they're amazing and for £11 i'm so jealous!
    i love love love wedges, especially peep-toe, and found a gorgeous leopard-print strappy pair in H&M for £15 but didn't buy them at the time and now i can't find them anyhere :(

    were these wedges from an eBay shop? do you have the link if so?

    faye xo

  2. Aw, Im in love with wedges this year too, they're perfect for partying in the winter as they are comfy, warm and don't slip around!

    I'm really sorry but I couldn't find the Ebay outlet store address it came from however I will have a look for you and email you asap


    Em X


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