3 Jan 2012

What to expect in 2012

Hello ladies!
It's the last day of the holidays for me, booo, and I'm sitting here doing all my coursework, why on earth do I leave it until last minute every year?! Please please please tell me that there are others that do this out there?? Also there's lots of hype around the new smartphone app KiK, so if you have it add me: Ems.xo

here is a cute pic of my dog & kitten, best mates!

Anyhow, I thought I would share with you all what to expect of me in 2012; by this I mean post wise.

- PrezzyBox Valentines special
- Vichy Dermablend Foundation
- MUA Felt Liner
- Glossybox product reviews
- Collection 2000 Extreme Lashes mascara
- Garnier B.B Cream Foundation
- BeautyUK Baked Blusher
- Vie at home Nail Varnishes
- Ted Baker Bath Set

So there you have it, a few bits and bobs to look forward to as well the odd personal post and cheeky haul in between. I aim to accumulate a few Topshop Make-up items this year and maybe a Benefit product too but we shall see how funding goes this year!

Hoping you are all well and ready to recommence work....
Em xx


  1. aw cutest animals ever! I want a doggy :-(
    I want to try some MAC this year - I only have one product by them but never seem to get around to buying anymore!


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