3 Jan 2012

Topshop Chelsea Boots

Good evening bloggers!

For Christmas Santa gave me a beautiful pair of Topshop Chelsea boots to my complete amazement. I absolutely adore them but there is one slight dilemma - what to wear with them? Now normally I would treat them as any other form of boot and wear leggings and whatever took my fancy but with these I feel my legs can tend to look a bit stumpy and so I pose to you all the question.
Here is a list of clothing Santa brought me for my birthday & Christmas, please help me create a combination as what to wear with the lovely boots. Any suggestions at all are welcomed!

(all clothing is from Topshop)


Love to you all,
Em xx


  1. I got a pair of chelsea boots for my bday. Their so comfy! I also love the skeleton top. Great mix of clothes!
    Nice blog:)

  2. You can wear Chelsea boots with everything that's why they're so great. I wear mine with all my skinnies, even dresses and a leather jacket xx

  3. jeans in the middle, sleeveless shirt! then a massive statement necklace! would look so lovely!

  4. @Hollie Galvin - They feel like walking on a cloud, thankyou so much for being my 100th follower!!!

    @PennyLaneLover - Wow, never thought of a dress, deffo something I will try next time I'm going for an outing, thanks!

    @Smolly - Gunna give that combo a go this week, got the perfect necklace, thanks!


  5. i ordered them yesterday and i also have no idea with what i'm gonna wear them!
    With your clothes, i would wear them with the beigy jumper (4th one) with the burgundy trouser :)
    Hope it helps!

  6. I love how versatile my chelsea boots are! I love wearing them with my skinnies and chunky knit! :) xo

  7. You can wear Chelsea boots with anything, from jeans to maxi skirts. I love the skeleton top! Personally I'd wear it with the button up, sleeveless shirt a and burgundy jeans.



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