1 Jan 2012

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight!

Hello ladies!
Now I must say it has been a while and this post is a bit late so I do apologize. I have seen quite a few posts about what people received for Christmas and it always really interests me! And so I thought I would do my own post for you all; however in no way shape or form am I boasting about what Santa brought me for Christmas, I am merely showing you all how blessed I was. This post is very picture heavy and so I hope it doesn't bore you too much!

What did Santa bring you all?
Were you spoilt rotten ?


  1. Love those black boots, where are they from? Hope you had a lovely Christmas and happy New Year! x

  2. they're from Topshop - they're the Chelsea boots so so comfy !!! Hope you had a lush Christmas & NY too! Xx

  3. The ring looks lovely!! You got a lot of clothes, I only got a few this year for once!
    Carissa xx


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