31 Jan 2012

Garnier B.B Miracle Skin Perfector

Afternoon girls,
A few months ago I received a sample of the Garner B.B cream which I had wanted to try for a while due to all the hype in the East over it.

What is B.B?
Blemish Balms are hybrid products which combine the benefits of make-up and skincare in one. Initially developed in the 1950's by a German dermatologist to soothe skin and provide coverage. B.B creams became famous thanks to a South Korean actress known for her perfect, beautiful skin. Since then they became a must have throughout Asia and eventually the world because of their flawless finish and 'all-in-one' qualities.

What is Miracle Skin Perfector? 
It can be used as a primer, a touch-up or a simple base with a hint of colour. Feel the sensation of the light texture that instantly melts into your skin. The formula with mineral pigments gives an instantly 'perfect' skin. Sheer coverage, imperfections look blurred and lines softened. Your skin looks luminous, smoother and more even.  24hr hydration. Skin feels more supple, smoother and softer. SPF 15 U.V protection.

Garnier B.B Miracle Skin Perfector 


"It unifies, illuminates, hydrates and helps protect skin with SPF 15."


Due to it being a sample packet and containing a generous amount I squeezed the product into a small pot in order for it to last longer and to also show the true shade and texture of the cream. I was sent the lightest shade available but to my surprise this seems very dark for such pale skin. I initially tested the cream on my hand, where it did spread well and gave a good cover however, I didn't see any improvements on my scars nor did it blend in with my skin tone. Shamefully I am the female version of Casper although I do expect foundations and creams to cater for all, especially if they show a sticker with the colour which they claim to be 'light'. The texture is very clay like and thick, making me apprehensive as I didn't want to use too much in case of coming away with a 'cakey' look. After applying it to my skin with my usual MAC foundation brush in a stippling manner it did give out a dewy, radiant and even slightly tanned look...I was impressed but not over-whelmed as it had not given me flawless coverage or blurred my imperfections. Attempting to apply foundation on top was a no-go as it didn't sit properly on top of the cream, resulting in a patchy and very orange-toned appearance. What annoyed myself even more was the adverts for this Garnier cream; testing it on high-street girls who already have smooth, beautiful skin is insulting as it doesn't show the true potential at all. I think it is safe to say I shall not be using this cream anytime soon with my translucent skin and instead will give it another go once the sun is here and I have a bit more of a tan. 

Hope you all enjoyed this review, 
Em xxxx


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  1. I bought this when it first come out and thought it was basically a tinted moisturiser! It broke me out realy bad too :( deffo wouldn't recommend this! x


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