12 Dec 2011

MUA Heaven & Earth Palette - Review

Morning bloggers!

I mentioned a haul ages ago which included the MUA Heaven & Earth Palette - well here it is for all to see!

MUA Heaven & Earth Palette


"A palette of 12 beautiful earth tone shades that blend effortlessly to give a soft shimmery finish. Create a natural effect using the individual shades, or mix colours together to intensify your look."


The beautiful, shimmering colours attract any girls eyes and along with the small price tag, it makes it a perfect treat for any beauty junkie. Having been claimed to be the dupe for the Urban Decay NAKED palette it has been selling like hotcakes as all make-up obsessed girls are dying to swatch, wear and love the MUA palette. Suitable to wear as an everday look or vamp it up for a night out, MUA have hit the head right on the nail with this golden nugget. Not being an eye-shadow type of person I wasn't totally intrigued, but the reviews and claims won me over and I hopped onto the Superdrug website and picked myself up one in no time. Placing an order, collecting the beauty points was effortless, it was the waiting for it to arrive which was the extremely exciting part. The packaging was broken upon arrival in the jiffy bag (as seen in photo's) however I happily got along with it as I was keen to use the palette for a family outing; and it now holds a proud place on my dresser. The brush is cheap and so I use one from Superdrug and I suggest you invest in a decent one too before attempting the smokey eye look with the flimsy brush provided. The colours themselves are beautiful and are pigmented enough to be worn alone in a natural way or built up together for a dramatic statement. I have used the palette with and without primer and I can say that it does last, although not for long, approx 1/2hours at max. I really do love this palette and although it may be cheaper and just as good compared to the Urban Decay NAKED palette, it doesn't hold the 'deluxe' feel the Urban Decay one provides with the velvet exterior, brush and eye-primer.


  1. this looks lovely! I'm a sucker for neutral tone eye looks. They are so great for day & night! x

  2. I've been wanting to try an MUA palette forever, they always get such great reviews and look really pigmented Thanks for the review. xo


  3. I really want to try out this palette! I'll have a look at it next time i'm in Superdrug! xxx

  4. Fab review, looks lovely :).

    Sadie x


  5. I love the neutral colors! Good review!

  6. Thanks for the review, I love the look of this palette, will have to pick one up next time I'm in Superdrug!
    Lovely blog!
    Mona x

  7. Great review! Yeah i have this too and i love it but i still REALLY REALLY want the urban decay naked palette! xx

  8. Ah every time I see a post on this, it reminds me how much I need to go out and buy it! x


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