12 Dec 2011

Glossybox #1

Hello girls,

So sorry for the lack of posting, life is hectic right now with it being end of term and Christmas, you all know the deal!
As of yet I was a Glossybox virgin and after seeing several posts about their boxes I decided that I wanted some of the action too. With it being near Christmas I knew that Glossybox must have something up their sleeve and so without hesitating I signed up for the December box.
Unfortunately I was given the November box and then later charged for the December box which surprised me as I had only wanted the December box, however I had liked the look of November boxes other's had received and so I welcomed it with open arms.

Arbonne - Ultra hydrating hand crème - Full size £19.00
"Soothing creme moisturises hands, leaving a healthy appearance and skin feeling smooth and refreshed."
I haven't used this as of yet as I don't really get dry hands however my mum does and this seems the perfect product for her stocking this Christmas. Unfortunately the packaging as broken when it arrived - tut tut Glossybox!

Illamasqua - Freak eau de parfum - Full size £59.00
"Celebrate the night with Freak, the dangerously exotic first fragrance from cult British beauty brand llamasqua."
It smells divine and I look forward to using this for my work night out, although after seeing that Glossybox have used perfume samples a few times now annoys me & the fact I could easily obtain the product by asking for one over the counter means that I haven't actually paid for it at all.

Nail Rock - Designer nail wraps - Full size £6.65
"The new NAIL ROCK designer nail wrap range is designed to last up to 7 days on nails and 8 weeks on the toes. They won't chip or stain the nail, require no drying time and deliver on trend style in just 15 minutes."
I've longed for these beauties for ages after seeing a couple of friends sporting the 'minx' look and so having the leopard print ones really made me happy. I shall do a NOTD and review on them once used.

Philip Kingsley - Elasticizer - Full size £25.50
"Intensive, super-moisturising pre-shampoo treatment for all hair types. Adds elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine"
I was thrilled to receive this product as my hair is looking so dull and boring right now it really needs a good treating. My hair is naturally wavy and knotty which can make it an absolute ordeal to tame on a morning after washing, however after using this product it made it tangle free AND done what it said on the tube = happy Emma.

Silderm - Body oil - Full size £34.95
"Originally developed to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy. This clinically proven oil has now secured a cult following through it's power to create soft and supple skin."
When I opened up my Glossybox to see this staring back at me I was intrigued as I hadn't seen anyone else receive this, then it dawned on me what it was for. Well fortunately I have been blessed with stretch-mark free skin and I don't plan on having a child anytime soon. The smell is lovely and I hope this will make a lovely body oil for the odd patches of cellulite I have but I am dubious.

All of the products contained a film of thick dust on them which made me wonder whether Glossybox actually look at my 'Beauty Profile' or if the boxes are already made up waiting to be sent out to customers. 
Overall I am pleased with November's box, but I am looking forward to the December one!

Much love,
Em xxx

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