23 Nov 2011

Sleek Pout Polish - Review

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I have debated for a while now whether or not to post about this product however at the end of the day I post what I think others might find interesting so here we go...

Sleek MakeUp ethos is to produce a range which boasts of extremely trendy, fashion forward shades and innovative products which can be worn by all but with a particular focus on women who are under-represented by major brands in the cosmetics market. They deliver quality products at affordable prices for real fashionistas and also pride themselves on the fact that they have a huge portfolio of quality products which are on par with globally-recognised premium brands. 

Having heard quite a lot of good reviews about Sleep MakeUp I trotted off to my local Superdrug to get myself some of the action. I was instantly drawn to the bright, bold colours the Pout Polish's offered. 

"Get luscious lips with Bonaire pout polish, the tangerine tinted gloss is enriched with jojoba, avocado, and sweet almond oil as well as SPF15, so you can simmer away in summer’s rays whilst your pout remains perfectly protected."

£4.30 - Sleek MakeUp online
£4.99 - Superdrug 

The consistency of the product is very creamy with an oily base. The shade 'Frosting' is set out to be the perfect barbie/bubblegum pink however this doesn't live up to its claims as it is hardly pigmented at all. I found the pout polish to be very much like a Vaseline and instead of giving the lips any colour it instead moisturises them; and even this doesn't last very long which means having to re-apply in a short period of time. The scent of the product is pleasant and reminds me of a sweet vanilla although to others this may seem quite sickly. In my opinion I found the taste to be really quite disgusting and bitter. After seeing other reviews of Sleek's pout polishes, in different colours, which say they are wonderfully pigmented and gorgeous to wear, I was really disheartened at mine as I feel I have been out-done by.

I have emailed Sleek MakeUp & tweeted them about my product in hope that it is perhaps a batch gone wrong or simply that specific colour but to my dismay they have decided not to get back in touch at all and instead chose to ignore a customer and their feedback. 

Have you had any bad make-up experiences?
What do you think of Sleek MakeUP?


  1. I only have one sleek polish but its really pigmented on the lips and last quite a while so i think its probably just your one! :/

    It could be that its just a pale colour but it looks quite bright in the photos.


  2. it sounds like you got a bad batch, my one tastes quite yum!

  3. I saw these last week and was very tempted to buy them but I am very happy I didn't now because it doesn't sound like my kind of product at alll!!
    thanks for the honest review:)


    LoveFaye xoxo

  4. I was gonna buy this in the plum shade yesterday, kinda glad I didnt now! <3



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