14 Nov 2011

Monday mayhem #9

Hey girls! So this is a quick post - I'm gunna schedule a whole load of posts tonight for this week as I will be absent. I hope you have all entered my GIVEAWAY and had a look over at me new SHOP.

T: I went into school and had lots of cuddles off everyone, then a bank meeting to open a savings account for my holibobs next summer, yay! Also picked up a few items for my giveaway and splurged out on a few new products, wait until you see them!

W: I stayed off school and got various things done concerning the funeral. Me and mam had a lazy night in front of the telly.

T: Had a half day at school followed by lots of rushing around trying to figure out what I was going to wear to my best friends 18th argh!

F: I only went in for half a day as I seem to be struggling a bit processing things. Went to Tasha's to get ready for her 18th with Bry, she even made us tea and drinks bless her! Photo above is from the night. I was such a drunken mess.

S: Hangover was looming around me big time. I had a full day at work which made me sober up fast with little kids screaming in your face! My sister from Ireland came over for the funeral so I saw her for quite a bit then had a night in with D.

S: Luckily I was allowed to go early from work to spend time with my sister, her family, mam and my othersister which was lovely. We had some lovely home-made food and lots of mulled wine - totally loving the christmassy felling right now.

M: I'm currently awaiting my parcel to arrive from Dorothy Perkins for the funeral tomorrow, I paid £6.50 for next day delivery for Friday and it never turned up - I'm livid! The c/s is shoddy and very poor so I won't be purchasing from them online again. Also baking cakes for the Wake tomorrow.

Love to you all!

Em x

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  1. Really sorry to hear about your Grandad. I hope that the funeral went as well as it could've gone. I think your grandad would be so proud of you for making the bracelets and donating money to the Alzherimer's society. xxx


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