8 Nov 2011

LUSH buys + reviews

Hello bloggers!

I recently went to town and picked up a few gorgeous items from LUSH that I knew I just had to share with you all! I thought I might as well at the same time give a quick review on them too.

Ickle Baby Bot - Ballistic - £1.75
"Exterminate tiredness and send your baby off to the land of nod. Soothe your baby’s bott with our Baby ‘Bot"
Lavender Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Chamomile Blue Oil & English Angelica Root Oil
I don't tend to have baths and when I do I like to go all out for I light the candles, turned the music on and relaxed with this gorgeous smell of lavender and chamomile. The ballistic is aimed at children but it looked super cute and I just had to have it. It turned the water a lovely turquoise blue and left me feeling like I was floating on cloud 9 with the divine oils soothing my skin. And the fact that it doesn't break the bank and looked cute makes me an even happier girl and so I highly recommend this to anyone out there looking for an enjoyable, peaceful soak!

Daddy-O - Shampoo - Free sample
£4.75/100g - £9.50/250g - £15.50/500g
"Purple Shampoo to stop blondes going brassy"
Fresh Organic Lemon and Toothed Wrack Seaweed Infu, Fresh Sea Water, Fresh Organic Lime Juice, Extra
Virgin Coconut Oil, Violet Leaf Absolute, Rose Absolute, Bergamot Oil & Cananga Oil.
As you all know I'm a blonde and I have used purple shampoo's in the past and have even posted reviews about how much I love them. When the lovely assistant offered for me to try this product for free I found it hard to resist and so I snapped her up on the offer before she could say another word. She explained how it was made out of various natural ingredients and left your hair looking radiant and smelling beautiful. I'm all for trying new shampoo's, especially those made from good ingredients and not full of chemicals. I used it that night (leave on for 5mins) and wow, my hair looked a lot lighter and smelt of parma violets (my fav!!). The smell lasted all day and I can still faintly smell it now, which is 2 days later. I will definitely be purchasing the bottle soon!

American Cream - Conditioner - Free sample 
£4.25/100g - £8.50/250g - £13.50/500g
"Bring all the boys to the yard with this strawberry vanilla milkshake condition"
Honey Water, Vanilla Pod Infusion, Fresh Organic Oranges,  Fresh Strawberries, Vanilla Absolute, Clary Sage Oil & Lavender Oil
I am so picky when it comes to conditioners as they can either work really well with my hair and leave it feeling super soft or super greasy, urgh. When again the assistant also offered for me to try this I'm pretty sure you all know what I said....yes please!! I used it straight after the Daddy-O, massaged it into my hair and left for a few minutes then rinsed it off. After leaving my hair to dry naturally as always it fell into gorgeous waves which felt like silk and smelt of summer fruits; it was instant love. Finally I have found a conditioner that I will more than happily splurge out on because it makes my hair feel like an angels (or so I presume). 

Are you a LUSH addict?
What have you bought lately?


  1. that Daddy-o shampoo sounds amazing!!! great haul!!



  2. Great buys!
    I'm new to Lush and officially a junkie! I just can't get enough of the products!
    I'm currently using their BIG shampoo which is aimed at giving your hair volume and has been working great on my naturally greasy hair! :)


  3. American cream conditioner sounds so good!



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