31 Oct 2011

Monday mayhem #7

Hello Girlies!

Sorry I have been absent for a while, I've been working my little butt off lately to earn myself some pennies so I can afford to have a beauty haul very soon. Excited isn't the word!

T: Had a peaceful resting day and I managed to get some work done, thank the Lord! Got my hair highlighted by, only cost £10, ah the joys of having friends who are hairdressers! It is now much blonder, which I'm sure you will see in the picture.

W: Created Blogger2Blogger, if you haven't already then please do check it out and let me know what you think of it all.

T: Full day at work followed by a cosy night in with D watching "The Big Bang Theory", I love that program!

F: Went round to my sisters and helped her with work related things and also saw my cute little nephew Owen for a bit. He has just learnt to say "Emma" bless! Also took my three nieces out trick-or-treating and managed to come home with over £20 and a bag full of sweets, yummy!

S: Day at work followed by a lazy night in and a takeaway. Didn't even watch The X-Factor, Facebook updated me enough to know what was going on without watching!

S: Sunday was almost a ground-hog day for me as I done exactly the same as the day before, however with a slight difference of takeaway, I had Indian. Nom.

M: First day back at school, waaaa! Been catching up on coursework etc since 12ish. Feeling pretty crap, might need tests to figure out what my immune system is playing at!


  1. the first day back at school always sucks :( i left all my coursework till last night too... oops.
    have a good halloween lovely :) xo

  2. I love the big bang theory! love this!


    LoveFaye xoxo

  3. £10 for your hair, thats a bargain you lucky girl! Sounds like you had a good halloween and the picture is so cute! xx

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  4. cutest picture :) x



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