14 Oct 2011

MAC Freebies

Good evening beauties!

After seeing Fiona's post on MAC's excellent customer service I decided to go for it and contact them too. I followed the steps in which Fiona tells us how to go around getting your mittens on a few MAC freebies. This method only works for those living outside a 20-40mile radius of the nearest MAC store, luckily for me the nearest one is over an hour away! I went onto the MAC website and clicked on email an artist, from there on they ask you various questions regarding your skin, facial features and any other extra info. For the extra info box I told the artist of how I had tried several foundations, none lasted longer than 2-3hours without sliding off my face due to my extremely oily complexion; I also included how I wanted a good coverage for my acne and blemishes and finally explained that I have tried a couple of primers,none of which particularly wowed me.

Liz from MAC is a make-up artist and explained in detail the two foundations she highly recommended for my skin type, along with info on a primer, appliance techniques, and brush preferences.
MAC Studio Fix and MAC Select were the foundations recommended and Prep&Prime is the primer. I emailed her back thanking her for all her help and was torn between the two foundations as they both claimed to give long lasting flawless looks with an even coverage..perfect. Liz was so so amazing and emailed me asking for my address and told me how she would send me a sample for ALL THREE! 3/4 days later, the package arrived and wow, was I in love.

I ended up purchasing the MAC Studio Fix because I loved it so much along with brushes and various other items (post to come!)

So for those in two minds whether to try MAC, or would like a high end sample, get in touch and I promise you will be converted within days!

The pictures only contain the Select foundation and Primer as I was such a lovely friend and gave Bry the rest of  MAC Studio Fix as I had bought a full size one. 

Have you tried MAC?
Any freebie tips?


  1. I have wanted to try these products for the longgggest time!!

    Great post <3


    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. so glad you found my post and contacted Liz, she is so friendly and welcoming. Also glad you liked the studio fix, im in love with it! xxxx

  3. So nice! I've emailed them :) Samples are so exciting :)


  4. My nearest MAC is 4 hours away! :/
    Great post! ♥


  5. This is such a nice idea, I had no idea MAC did freebie samples :) I'm glad u enjoyed the foundation, I've been wanting it for a while but wasn't sure if it would be good for oily skin- you'll have to do a review! xx

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