30 Sep 2011

La vie jolie

The sun is shining, weather is sweet! Absolutely lapping this heat up..although I'm secretly wishing for winter to hurry up because my summer clothes are half packed away, damn you global warming!

So this post is a bit different to the usual ones, but I think every Blog needs a personal post now and then to keep it flowing etc.(sorry monday mayhem, I still love you!)

I usually get a bus to school as I live more than 4miles out of the school radius. When I first moved into this house in 2007 I can remember the first time I had to catch it, I was super nervous! I had never travelled to school on a bus to a new school all by myself.
Whilst waiting for the bus I distinctly remember watching a couple move into the house opposite the bus stop..they had massive amounts of boxes, all her clothes I presume! Banners and colourful string draped the garden with the words "JUST MARRIED".
From that day on, each day I saw their lives form and expand. I witnessed several cars come and go, a dog being welcomed into the family and the woman suddenly became large. I watched as their new little girl grew bigger and as their cars again changed, as the dog had pups and a cat became another member. I saw them throw old furniture out, I looked on as their spare room became filled with toys, I smiled each morning, as they passed me at the bus stop. I laughed at the husband forgetting his keys, and I said hello to another little bundle of joy recently.
Today I saw the family on a walk, and it made me think of how unknown to them, I have watched their family blossom and their lives take on various changes over the past 4 years.

I wonder how many people witness our lives like I did theirs?

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