12 Sep 2011

Hello and Welcome!

After carefully studying various Blogs over the past 6months or so I have decided to create my own. I've studied the many different styles and after careful consideration here I am! Lots of Bloggers are familiar with the brands such as MAC, NARS, OPI and so on however until recently I hadn't had very many encounters and this was all new territory for me. Reading review after review of the products I came to the conclusion that I too wanted to indulge in these gorgeous beauty items. I vaguely remember my older sister mentioning these brands years ago as she was in love with them but being young and naive I paid no attention until now. At the time of reading the Blogs I was in between employment however I am now once again a working woman! With no means of any steady cash flow and the lack of brands in my local area meant that it wasn't very easy to find the products; I was dubious about internet shopping as I have had many previous disasters and avoid it like the plague but alas fellow Bloggers have turned me and I now welcome it with open arms. Hushed secrets is a beauty and fashion related Blog, featuring posts such as NOTW/OOTW, reviews, personal posts and many more surprises you shall have to wait for.

Now it would only be rude not to introduce myself properly so its about time for the personal information, for those who care. I live in the United Kingdom in a county known for its picturesque scenery and delicious sausage, yes that's right, Cumbria. Although, I'm a city girl at heart as I love the night life, the vibrant and ambiance the constant buzz of traffic and people; but the fresh air, rolling hills and country walks do please me every now and then! 

I have a lovely boyfriend, Dom, who I have known for 4years now and have been with for 3years on the 9th of October . I am the proud owner of a gorgeous German Shepherd, Whisp, and Snaaffi, our faithful arab-cross-cob pony.

I study English language & literature, Textiles, Travel & tourism and Photography. I aim to go onto Edinburgh Napier University to the Journalism course, however this all depends on my end results! I would very much like a career similar to Fearne Cotton's but what happens, happens and I will aim to do my best, so watch this space.

I have no experience working with make up or beauty related products, although many years I have spent watching my sister dabble with them and looked on in awe. I am a first timer, these are my personal views and therefore it is only trial and error for me. 

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