22 Sep 2011

Charity haul

In a post earlier this week I mentioned visiting the charity shops with my mum and buying a bag, and as promised here is the post about it!

I spied this little beauty up on a high shelf, gleaming down at me, looking all neat and new. I snatched it up as quick as I could say "mine!" and voila! it now has a proud owner.


Have you had any recent charity finds? 
What's your best charity bargain?


  1. Such a gorgeous bag! A very lucky find :) xx

  2. You lucky thing, that's gorgeous! I'm addicted to charity shops and I recently brought a gorgeous vintage velvet leotard for £6 which I wear under jeans.
    I also got a beautiful oversized crochet/woollen coral coloured jumper. Its one of my favourite pieces and it was only £3!
    faye xo

  3. it's a fab bag rhiannovic! Aw wow Faye you lucky girl! Charity shops are the place to be for wintery clothes, lots of lovely knits..must admit I will be raiding my grandas draws for some chunky jumpers!

    Em X


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