23 Sep 2011

Beauty tip

Hello to you all!

The weathers starting to get a bit chilly and our skin needs to be kept protected and moisturised. In order to avoid those nasty patches of dry skin and maintain our healthy summer glow I thought I would share with you all my winter trick. Foundation can be very thick and heavy sometimes, which makes it a hard job for the fresh air to reach the skin and therefore tends to lead to flaky or dry skin, usually around the nose. (I'm sure many of you, like me, turn into Rudolf and become host to the worst Christmas present ever..a good old English cold/flu).

It is very important to keep your skin, and especially the areas around your nose hydrated and well looked after as it can usually get a tad painful. I usually moisturise and use primer before applying foundation and carry on doing this routine in winter with one exception, extra moisturiser. Where my skin gets dry I dab a little moisturiser, E45 works well with this tip, into my foundation and apply to the area. It lasts all day and really helps my nose stay pink and soft, instead of red and scaly.

So there you go, enjoy!

Any winter tips for lovely skin?
What's your favourite moisturiser?

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