2 Jan 2012

Secret Santa .... Revealed!

Hola beauties!

With it being my first year Blogging I decided I wanted to get involved with the Secret Santa being run by Rani over at Cupcake Couture and so I sent off my little package for someone and someone out there sent off theirs for me....
I bought for Charlotte  and Maxine bought for me. If you would like to see what presents Charlotte received from 'Santa' then click here.
This is what I received from the lovely Maxine...

Also included within the package was a sweet note revealing who was my Secret Santa and a few bits of info. Maxine is now a fellow blogger friend for life!
These pieces are fab and will definitely be put to good use - I even have the beige knitted wrap on my head right now - sooo snuggly!

Lots of hugs,
Em xxxx


  1. aahh, that was a nice secret santa gift! xoxo

  2. Ahh i sooo wanted to take part in this but saw it too late :( Am gonna have to do it next year! I love the looks of the gingerbread lip balm, bet that smells yummy. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog Emma and i really love your Blogger2Blogger idea as well, Happy New Year sweet xoxox

  3. Aw what a sweet idea, I wish I'd of got involved withthis. Maybe next year :) xxx


  4. thank you so much for my Secret Santa gift Em!x

  5. Aww no problem Em, glad you like them , and errr, sorry for the shoddy wrapping :)



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