21 Nov 2011

Monday mayhem #10

Wow can you believe this is the tenth one?! To me that seems a lot...

T: Well it was a very hard day although it was a very beautiful and gracious send off for my Grandad.

W: I had a lazy day with my sisters and their families which was lovely then caught up on some school work etc.

T: I went into town to pick up a few bits & bobs for my birthday weekend and then went out for a meal with my dad's family for my birthday. I got given a beautiful necklace spelling out my name, a rather large cheque and some bubbly!

F: Yay for me! I was finaaaaaally 18 and legal wooho. Dom, mum, my sister and nephew all watched me open my presents - I was completely spoiled (post to come!) and then he went to school and I had a leisurely breakfast. My mum, sister & I all got ready and then went off to the train station to go to Center Parcs Spa. On the train I was sang Happy Birthday to and had a glass of bubbly with lush nibbles. We finished that bottle at the Spa and got given another along with some more nibbles followed by 4hours of relaxation. My birthday meal was at Costas Tapas Bar and was b-e-a-utiful!!

S: A nice laid-back day of buying alcohol now that I can and then getting ready to party. My best friend Bry had decorated the house with balloons, streamers, banners, fairy lights and made cupcakes spelling 'happy 18 birthday' ACE!

S: Me and Dom went to collect my last present from him...a kitten! She is a beautiful tabby kitten called Tigger (Tigs). Had a lazy afternoon snuggling Tigs and Dom - lovely.

M: Back to school for moi and already I'm behind on c/w so ciao for now!

Em xx

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  1. Sounds like you had a great week! and...

    Happy Birthday! :) xx


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