4 Nov 2011

All time favourites

Hello to all my readers and a big thank-you to all the new ones who have recently started following me! I saw a post over on Serena's Blog about her favourite things and so I thought let's be a bit cheesy and do a similar post!

I thought I would list one of each category so it kinda evens everything out (does that make sense? It did in my head...).

Food: My cheeky food indulgence when I'm feeling crap or down is Haagen-Dazs Bailey's ice-cream. Seriously there is nothing I would rather eat when I'm snuggled up in bed with a nasty case of tonsillitis. Nom. 

Film: Without a single minuscule thought of doubt it has to be and will always be Harry Potter. Yes, yes, yes I know it isn't strictly speaking ONE film, but who can't deny their undying love for this magical and wonderful saga...no-one? Ok, just me then.

Eye-candy (men): Ever single time I will always choose this beautiful, beautiful man. He makes my heart melt. Wow, I sound like a 14year old fangirl!

Gadget: I hate to admit it but my trusty HTC Desire is my favourite gadget. I check my email accounts, tweet, catch up on Facebook gossip, play Angry Birds (best game ever!), listen to music, schedule my Blog posts and so many more things... it is unbelievable how reliant I am on a bloomin phone!

Clothing: Might sound dull and pretty boring but I love snuggling up in a lush over-sized knitted jumper! Keeps you warm and cosy for hours on end and with the winter season now in full swing it's the perfect item to be wearing.


  1. hagen daaz YUM! and Gerard Butler..yum haha!! that jumper looks amazing!! I want it!!


    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. Haagen-dazs choc choc chip is my favorite but that baileys one looks sexy! I must try it!
    I'm also a huge Harry Potter fan.. the first movie is my favorite! Love the part where they're on the train eating all the sweets! :)



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