24 Oct 2011

Monday mayhem #6

Hey Beauties! I would just like to say that I have some AMAZING new things up my sleeve which will hopefully be unveiled very soon!

How are you all this week? I have accumulated a chest infection - seriously is there no getting better for me? Why must I have a weak immune system and be constantly ill! Le Grand Sigh!! On the other hand....hello Halloween half term, I have waited for you a long time!

T: Doctors appointment then I spent the day in bed with my trust hot water bottle and endless supplies of Rich Tea biccys, I swear by them when your poorly sick. Also ordered a Voi top for Dom, which I was convinced I had marked at Super Delivery on Asos, to then find out it wasn't and wouldn't be here until next Tuesday, dammit.

W: Crawled out of bed and managed to have a shower today. Avoided school again as I knew I wasn't fully recovered. Posted on here about my acne treatment recommendations. Then had a perfect night in front of the TV, Hollyoaks +1, Waterloo Road and TOWIE, #yeslife.

T: Braved the outdoors and bought a few last min presents and things for Dom's birthday. Baked Angry Bird cupcakes for him and then wrapped everything up. Stayed at D's and he had an early Midnight Present which was a cupcake, he appreciated the snack!

F: Dom's 18, we decorated the house with banners, streamers, balloons etc! (post to come). He loved all the attention and opened my presents, those off my sister, nephew and mum and a few off his parents before he had to head to school. I surprised him with a trip to the cinema, all expenses paid by me, where we watched the new Johnny English, isn't nearly as funny as the first!

S: Dom's brother came through from Newcastle and they spent the day in the local Sports Bar along with his father and Dom's mates, thoroughly enjoyed being 18 I'd say!! I went home, tanned, done my hair, make up and nails ready for the 18th meal and house party.

S: Work all day, however only managed 5 hours before they sent me home as I was a coughing, high temperature mess! Came home and slept on & off for 3/4 hours!

M: Work all day again followed by an early finish as they took pity on my illness. Lazy night for moi indeed!

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  1. sucks you were ill but your weekend sounded good! :)


    LoveFaye xoxo


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